The Selous Game Reserve

This spectator game reserve is the largest expanse of game reserve in Africa and covers a massive 55,000 sq km of rugged and rolling vistas – 4 times the size of Serengeti. It is home to the largest concentration of elephants in the world. This magnificent ecosystem remains virtually untouched to date. It is one of the few places in Tanzania where one can enjoy a walking safari, thanks to the meandering network of lakes and tributaries that make up the Rufiji River.
Activites and Special Interests include take a cable car across Stieglers Gorge (100 metres deep and 100 metres wide); bird watching; photography; walking safaris; and fishing Tiger Fish and Vandu (in the rivers of the Kilombero Game Controlled Area to the west of the reserve).

Selous is famous for its elephant, hippopotamus and rhino (although now few remain). The park has a broad range of game: buffalo – the largest population in Africa; Nyasaland gnu; brindled gnu; hartebeest; Greater Kudu; sable antelope; eland; reedbuck; bushbuck; waterbuck; warthog; zebras; giraffe; and wildebeest. Also: lion, leopard, the spotted hyeana and hunting dog are in abundance; cheetah are rare; there are over 350 species of bird and reptiles such as crocodiles and various snakes and lizards.

Mainly based in the north of the reserve. Stay in the either the Island Mbuyini luxury tented camp, Richard Bonhams, the Sand River Selous, the Mbuyu camp, or the Rufiji River Camp. Game drives by vehicle, boat trips, and long and short walking safaris into the reserve may be made from these camps and lodges.